Taste of Italy Pasta Pot

5 qt

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Taste of Italy Pasta Pot

Cooking pasta or any type of food that needs draining just became a whole lot safer and easier.


Our innovative "Taste of Italy" pasta pots feature a locking built-in strainer that makes draining the water safe and easy. The unique shape of our new pasta pot is designed to handle spaghetti and lasagne noodles without the need of breaking them. 


Put away your old colander - simply lock the innovative lid with built-in strainer and drain hot water safe and easy. Made from aluminum, the pasta pot allows perfect heat conduction and the non-stick interior ensures evenly cooked pasta every single time.


- capacity: 5 Qt.

- available colors: Purple / Blue / Orange / Red / Turquoise

- perfect for pasta, vegetables, potato or any food that needs to be drained

- built-in strainer eliminates need for colander

- innovative interlock feature makes draining water safe and easy

- unique shape is perfect for spaghetti and lasagne

- made from aluminum for perfect even heat conduction

- non-stick interior ensures perfect cooked pasta