Milano Milk and Cappuccino Frother

14 fl.oz. / 32 fl.oz. /
Stainless Steel
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Milano Milk and Cappuccino Frother

Frabosk "Milano" Milk Frother - The most efficient and authentic way to prepare perfect & firm froth for Italian cappuccino! 

Whether you like to prepare nice firm froth for your hot cappuccino or creamy froth for your cafe late or even ice cappuccino - there is no better way to do this than using a great manual milk frother.

Since the best way of heating the milk is on your stove , the "Milano" milk frother is the right choice for you. With its thick sandwich bottom and its 18/10 stainless steel body and handle, this cappuccino creamer is perfectly designed and equipped for the job. 

The Frabosk Milano Milk & Cappuccino frother will produce persistent and abundant froth and whipped cream quickly and easily. Using a manual milk frother is not only the most efficient and authentic way to prepare froth for your cappuccino, cafe late or other drinks, it also keeps the natural lightness and digestibility of the milk intact. 

Our Frabosk "Milano" Cappuccino Creamer works even with cold milk directly from the refrigerator and is therefore equally perfect for hot drinks such as cappuccino as well as cold, refreshing drinks such as ice coffee or ice espresso. 

Made in Italy


- high quality 18/10 stainless steel
- ergonomically designed handle and knob for easy and safe frothing
- tripple sanswich bottom for faster and more efficient heat conduction
- drip retaining border for drip-free pouring
- can froth warm and cold milk
- made in Italy

Total Capacity:

-14 fl.oz.: 1.75 American cups / 0.41 liter. / 0.875 pint / 3 Tazza
- 32 fl.oz.: 4.00 American cups / 0.94 liter. / 2.000 pint / 6 Tazza


-14 fl.oz.=  H(Container): 4.25"/H(incl. Lid): 7.00"/ W(Opening): 3 3/8"/ W(Bottom) 2 1/2"

- 32 fl.oz. = H(Container): 5.3/8"/H(incl. Lid):8.50" / W(Opening): 4 1/2"/W(Bottom) 3 3/4"